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Tech trends in the waste industry

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

The waste industry is experiencing a deep transformation. It is challenged geopolitically, it faces an increased pressure to achieve less environmental impact, and increase safety of its workers while reducing its operating costs. The equation seems nearly impossible to solve, unless technologies come to our rescue. Which is likely the case for numerous issues we face in the industry.

#1 Robots

The main trend is in full automation of operations. It often relies on advanced machine vision, and it aims to make our operations so much more efficient. Robots are arriving in our transfer stations and recycling facilities to sort trash out. You can check out Amprobotics or even this Waste Robotics.

#2 Green Techs

Technology is driven by value very often, and technologies that help reducing our environmental impact are numerous. We can note significant ones such as Wastack bird mitigation tower.

#3 Drones

Finally drones is the 3 main trend noticed lately. They are more and more out there to survey, map, and control. You can check Firmatek or Propeller.

Wastack can help you automate your landfill, make it a safer, greener place with impactful stories that you can share to get your community support. If you are wondering if a tech would be good for you? Ask our operations specialists, they will be happy to share what they see on sites, and report to you what works, and what failed.

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