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About us

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Wastack is a Montreal based company aiming to make the circular economy sustainable. Hard believers that waste is a resource, Mathieu Hamel and Julien Chosson co-founded the company in 2016.


Originally, the goal was to reduce the environmental impact of landfills, they developed the most advanced and autonomous bird control device that could reduce bird presence on-site by 90%, where previously thousands of birds where there.

Photo: Pedro Ruiz, Le Devoir

In 2019, their AI algorithm was tested on material identification in complex settings in transfer stations. It successfully  helped improving the operations of the facility. By 2020, it became the core focus of the company as it had the potential to change how we value and pay for waste as a service forever.

Indeed, Wastack enables facilities to understand what is in the waste stream with an accuracy never reached before and it helps the facilities financially leverage this data into new revenue streams.

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Photo: David Boily, La Presse

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